Category: Amateur Base Station. Description. Description. Simple operation. The IC-718 is equipped with a minimum number of buttons and controls for simple feature selection. The 10-key pad on the front panel allows direct entry of an operating frequency or a memory channel number.
The N4PY Icom Control Program controls the following Icom Radios: IC-756PRO, IC-756PROII, IC-756PROIII, IC-706MKIIG, IC-746, IC-746PRO, IC-703, IC-775, IC-756, IC-718, IC-781, IC-7000, IC-7100,...
TRX-manager is one of the rare programs to support almost all the computer control functions of nearly 100 transceivers available on the market in the last 20 years (Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, TenTec, and Alinco transceivers). Following is an impressive partial list of features. Icom IC-781 HF pre-DSP Super transceiver The mother of all pre-DSP Icoms, the 781 was the first full featured 150 watt HF transceiver to offer a built in real-time spectrum scope. This radio is stock, has all the original filters from the factory. It has two … read more
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