An emotions wheel for students to communicate how they are feeling. Use this teaching resource in the classroom to help students verbalise their emotions. Print, cut and laminate each wheel then fasten together with a split pin.
un- feeling unhappy, an unfair decision, unhealthy conditions, high unemployment, unplug a machine, unpack a suitcase. in- an independent state, an inoffensive remark, the invisible.
Emotion is difficult to define but always consists of feelings, behaviour, physiological change and cognitions and always occurs in a particular context which infl uences it. Its major function is to give information to the individual about their interaction with the world. What are the core aspects of emotion? Emotions are also known as feelings. 1. Afraid: feeling fear and worry 2. Angry: feeling mad with a person, act, or idea 3. Ashamed: feeling bad after doing wrong 4. Confident: feeling able to do something 5. Confused: feeling unable to think clear 6. Depressed: feeling sad, blue, discouraged, and unhappy 7.
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